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These are seven money-saving tips that can help you in taking a little break during your payday. The following tips are really useful for busy people who have too much to do.

To begin with, save money by setting up a budget. You can do this by using the old fashion way or the new way of having the budget spreadsheet which is readily available online. There are many benefits to having a budget as it helps you keep track of your money and be able to tell when you have enough or not enough for the present needs.

If you are spending money on something, and you have no idea what you are doing, you should ask for help from a financial advisor. A financial advisor has the ability to explain the financial terms in simple language. It is like having a guru working for you, guiding you to achieve the goal of saving more money.

Have some savings in case you need extra cash

You can set up an account where you can withdraw the money from. You should not be afraid of extra money, as you may need it for emergency expenses and can easily get it without any problem.

Do some small things to earn extra cash. If you have a sewing or carpet cleaning business, you can make some extra money. If you love to do arts and crafts, you can sell those products. You can also set up a yard sale at a predetermined time to make extra money.

Once you have saved some money, you should try to be frugal. Avoid impulse buying. Try to buy only what you need. Frugality is very important if you want to save more money as you have more to spend once you have earned it.

If you feel that you are spending too much on non-essentials

Then you should try to cut down your spending to the bare minimum. Try to eat at home rather than going out for dinner every night. If you do not mind making a late dinner, you can also make it a point to go out once in a while for a night out.

It is advisable to take public transportation instead of driving to make these money-saving tips possible. Parking lots are available in every city. If you drive far distances, you are not able to save as much as you can if you use public transportation. Once you have saved enough money for a car, it is better to stick to the plan and go for the car.

Save up your money and then spend some of it

By using your savings, you can pay the small bills for things that you cannot afford. This will help you save up some cash. You can also use your savings to help friends or family members who are facing emergencies.

If you cannot afford to pay your credit card bill, consider your saving as payment for your debt. Do not rush into credit card bills, especially if you owe thousands of dollars. You should think about what is best for you rather than what is best for others.

Use your savings to set up an emergency fund. This fund can be used for emergencies as long as it is no bigger than a few hundred dollars. Bridge Payday lets you easily to get a small loan for your emergency needs.

So, these are seven money-saving tips that can help you save and give you a chance to save money. Go ahead and use them.

What is Credit Rating? http://contropiani2000.org/what-is-credit-rating/ Sun, 26 Jan 2020 22:57:33 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/what-is-credit-rating/ Creditworthiness is a concept that often comes up when talking about loans and credits.

The problem is that very few have a good understanding of what creditworthiness really is and how you can change your own credit rating. We shall try to remedy this with this article which will deal with creditworthiness.

What is a Credit Rating?

What is a Credit Rating?

Creditworthiness is something that is determined by the credit reporting agencies and it depends on a variety of factors. Creditworthiness is a measure of your ability to repay a loan or credit and is therefore very important in a lender’s assessment of whether or not you should get a loan. If you have too bad a credit rating, it will actually be impossible to get a loan, it’s that simple.

Even if your credit rating is not at the bottom, it can be difficult to get a loan if it is not too good. But how can you go about changing your own credit rating? To understand this, we must first look at what actually affects your credit rating and what makes it difficult to get a loan.

What affects your credit rating?

What affects your credit rating?

As we already said, there are many different factors that affect your credit rating. Some of them include your life situation, your income and your fixed expenses. Now let’s look a little closer at these different factors.

Your life situation is your life right now. The credit rating is judged most based on how stable your life is right now. You want to see that you have long employment and have lived in the same house for a long time. This means that you will probably not make a major change to your finances in the near future.

Your income is simply the salary you receive each month. Higher pay, of course, means better credit rating as it increases your chances of actually repaying the loan or credit.

The last big factor that determines is your fixed expenses. These determine how much money you have to move with each month. Housing costs are for the most part the largest expense in this category. The credit reporting companies do some calculations on this and arrive at approximately how much money you should have to move with each month to see if you have the ability to handle the payments or not.

These are the factors that determine your credit rating but how do you actually do to change them?

How can you change your credit rating?

How can you change your credit rating?

Changing your life situation hard and will take time. We therefore say that you should start as soon as possible in order to also be ready as soon as possible. Get a permanent job and a permanent living so you are well on your way.

Your income is easy, increase your income and you increase your credit rating. There are many tips on the internet for how to increase your income. You must reduce the fixed expenses to increase your credit rating. Maybe get a smaller accommodation or sell the car?

Do Payday Loans Check Credit Bureau? http://contropiani2000.org/do-payday-loans-check-credit-bureau/ Fri, 03 Jan 2020 10:19:02 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/do-loans-payday-check-check-gfi/ This current strength is a gradual part and current is the path of strengthening of Polish democracy. He came across a busy loan at the customer’s home without screens of cinemas, completely cloudy in the population.

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Higher Loan Amounts – Jumbo Loans have higher rates http://contropiani2000.org/higher-loan-amounts-jumbo-loans-have-higher-rates/ Fri, 27 Dec 2019 06:29:31 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/higher-loan-amounts-jumbo-loans-have-higher-rates/ Home sales pickup? Not from the help of the jumbo mortgage market.

So in 2009 the industry is booming as soon as it is known how the mortgage industry has the lowest interest rates in 50 years and on top of that the government has unprecedented first time home buyer tax credits of up to eight thousand US Buying dollars only.

Long-term mortgage rates

Long-term mortgage rates

Just the fact that refinancing shows some signs of living with long-term mortgage rates like the 30 year fixed loan in the 4.5% range is an important signal that we are at a turning point in the economic recovery. Jumbo mortgages are loans that cross the limits of an appropriately also known as a Sean Cole mortgage.

These limits are set by Sean Cole and Jessica Brown. The maximum loan size is $ 417,000 for a single family residence, often under the median loan in most areas especially in California. The jumbo-compliant was created to address this issue, and goes up to over $ 729,000 in some districts. Before the housing market collapsed, the difference between jumbo and mortgage rates accordingly became as low as, 25%. The difference is big now, almost 2 1/2 percent.

High mortgage rates


Without the good old portfolio lenders like World Savings, they realize jumbo loan availability has proven to be the risk of drying the ink out of insurer approval stamps. Jumbo mortgage loans have already collapsed as a high risk back to the market. Today this risk is in high mortgage rates.

Savings accounts credit


Even if the banks raised big money with investors it plays surely with savings accounts credit is squeezed. The rise in refinancing applications on compliant mortgages is just another consequence of lower interest rates and we can only hope that soon the government will take bold steps to lower prices and increase available credit through the once wealthy true jumbo loan. With most of the old jumbo loan lenders out of business, except for some it is more important than ever for a homeowner to get bored when looking for a jumbo mortgage.

You don’t want to be the first bank that you approve. Although there could be some research and shopping on some of the homeowners, more than usual, field a few offers from the competition and negotiate how you flow it into the market.

You will be surprised with what good price you can find despite the negative news around the market especially the mortgage industry.

The fixed rate mortgage loan: what you should know? http://contropiani2000.org/the-fixed-rate-mortgage-loan-what-you-should-know/ Fri, 27 Dec 2019 03:39:02 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/the-fixed-rate-mortgage-loan-what-you-should-know/ In these times, anyone who acquires a home will contract a mortgage loan at their bank. Otherwise, very few would be people who could buy a house in cash. If this is your case, and you are going to buy a property, you will be thinking about what type of loan suits you best. There are several kinds; But in this article we explain what a fixed-rate mortgage is, how it works , what its advantages and disadvantages are and why it is a trend .

What is a fixed-rate mortgage

What is a fixed rate mortgage

A fixed mortgage is a mortgage loan that has a fixed interest ; that is, the fee will always be the same for all the years it takes to repay the loan. Once you contract the fixed-rate mortgage you will know what the monthly payment is and the total cost of the mortgage. Both data will not vary for any reason ; even if the markets go up or down.

These types of mortgages do not depend on the Euribor , the fee will be the same month to month. The mortgages that do depend on this index – European type of interbank offer, or what is the same, the interest rate at which European banks lend themselves – are those of a variable rate.

Characteristics of fixed mortgages

Characteristics of fixed mortgages

As we have already pointed out, the main characteristic of a fixed-rate mortgage is that the interest does not change; It will remain unchanged throughout the life of the loan. This, without a doubt, generates tranquility and security in the client.

In addition, the repayment term of these mortgage loans does not exceed 30 years – the variables can reach 40. The variable rate mortgage will have different characteristics depending on whether the home is first or second residence. These characteristics may also vary depending on the bank.

  • Fixed-rate mortgage for first residence: The financing will comprise between 70 and 80% of the value of the property, and the maximum repayment term will not exceed 30 years (or 75 years of the applicant).
  • Fixed-rate mortgage for second residence: The financing will only reach 60% of the value of the home and the maximum term of financing will not exceed 25 (nor 75 years of the applicant).

Advantages of fixed mortgages

  • The fee you will pay will always be the same, regardless of the Euribor .
  • This variable monthly payment makes it a stable product that allows you to better plan your economy.
  • Ground clauses and fixed mortgages do not go hand in hand; So you avoid them.

Disadvantages of the fixed-rate mortgage

  • The maximum return period is 30 years , not one more. Maybe it’s a short time for some economies.
  • If you anticipate that you can repay the loan in the short term, it does not suit you, because even today variable rate mortgages offer a lower interest .

How to hire a fixed-rate mortgage

How to hire a fixed rate mortgage

After seeing all possible options, compare between banks and do your calculations, if you opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, the next thing will be to collect the documents that the bank will request and complete the contract.

What documents?

  • The DNI.
  • The income tax return for the last year.
  • Updated work life.
  • Latest bank statements.
  • Deeds of each of the other properties you own
  • If you live for rent, lease and last receipts.

It is recommended that you ask your bank for a copy of the contract so you can read it carefully and answer any questions. The bank has a duty to complete this step, but it is worth watching.

The contract will be signed before a notary ; Under the new mortgage law, you have the right to consult with the notary without incurring an additional expense. Better have no doubt before signing . Review all the clauses and do not skimp on questions, the bank agent must solve them all, that’s what it is for!

If you want to hire a fixed-rate mortgage and have doubts, go to your financial advisor. Before making any decision about your economy, it is essential to have very clear ideas. Knowledge is everything!

How to negotiate with the creditor? http://contropiani2000.org/how-to-negotiate-with-the-creditor/ Wed, 25 Dec 2019 06:47:43 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/how-to-negotiate-with-the-creditor/ Is the dialogue with the creditor able to undo the enforcement proceedings if we reached a compromise and voluntary debt repayment?

Should the settlement with the creditor be made in writing or is it enough to arrange verbal monthly installments? will I get some help here in negotiating with creditors?

Negotiations with the creditor

Negotiations with the creditor

Negotiations with the creditor or creditors are not the easiest, but they are certainly to be arranged in such a way that both parties come out of the negotiations satisfied! As a curiosity, it is worth adding that in Poland we have over 2 million people with a total debt of over $ 40 billion. And half of them have debt below $ 5,000, so what conclusions can be drawn from this?, but that getting rid of debt and getting out of debt is literally within reach for a million debtors! it is a wonder how little is enough for hundreds of thousands of people in Poland to live without debts, on a clean sheet!

Before I get to the topic, I will quickly post a debtor-creditor settlement agreement. Thanks to the settlement, both parties (the debtor and the creditor) will be able to amicably settle matters between themselves, without interfering with a debt collection company, court or bailiff.

Settlement agreement debtor-creditor – model

Settlement agreement debtor - creditor - model

The settlement template is enough to download, print, and then complete and go to the creditor for negotiations.

It is obvious that at least half of Poles with debt are able to get out of debt in a few months, by taking basic steps such as negotiating debt repayment terms and proper household budget management!

Debt problems are within reach! why are people doing nothing about it? does this situation suit them? after all, even a small debt generates additional costs over time! in the form of even criminal interest.

The debt market is becoming more flexible and open to amicable talks! Therefore, avoiding contact with a creditor or a bailiff is not a good solution, because they also want a quick, friendly and positive conclusion of the case!

Negotiations with the creditor are an opportunity for the debtor and the possibility of getting out of financial trouble, even when we stumbled a leg and failed to pay several installments of a loan or loan! while for the creditor it is also a chance to recover at least part of the money.

How to prepare for negotiations with creditors? 4 tips

credit loan

  1. Amicable settlement of the matter for YES! It is worth explaining to the creditor why the delay in loan or credit repayment took place. It often happens that it was a simple oversight or a really difficult life situation, which appeared literally out of nowhere. The creditor should show understanding in such circumstances and agree to repay the debt in installments convenient for the debtor.
  2. Don’t be negative about negotiating with the creditor! do not require debt cancellation! Know that the creditor, just like YOU, wants to solve the matter amicably. Open yourself to cooperation and compromise. If you’re going to go down, better stay at home and wait for the bailiff’s letter!
  3. Prepare for negotiations in exactly the same way as you prepare for a job interview! Calculate carefully and think about how much you can pay off monthly, what you can offer to the creditor. It is a good idea to prepare some materials for debt negotiations that you can support during the negotiations, which can be documented inflows to your account and your monthly fixed expenses. Try to meet the creditor’s expectations, in this way you will reach an agreement faster and you will be able to obtain new favorable terms of debt repayment!
  4. Keep the conditions established during negotiations with the creditor – it is a matter of honor for you!

Be aware that the consequences of non-payment of debts will be severe for your finances, for the harmony of your life and the life of your family, so you should care about timely and reliable repayment of installments that you have negotiated with the creditor! For example, an entry in the BIK or KRD is sufficient to have difficulties:

  • taking other loans,
  • taking something in installments,
  • signing a contract with a telephony or internet operator.

The creditor negotiations are meant to help you get back on track and give the creditor a sign that, despite some difficulties, you are still trying to settle your loan or credit arrears!

Negotiations with the creditor before debts arise?

Negotiations with the creditor before debts arise?

It is also worth going to negotiations with the creditor before the installments are late. If you expect dismissal or a reduction in your salary, it is worth immediately informing your bank or loan company.

Earlier negotiations of the loan taken will protect you against an entry in the BIK or KRD and keep your credit history impeccable!

You will be grateful in the future that you have entered into negotiations with the creditor in time, you will never have problems with obtaining another loan or loan, or take something in installments! I assure you of this.

Changed loans: characteristics, strengths and weaknesses http://contropiani2000.org/changed-loans-characteristics-strengths-and-weaknesses/ Sun, 22 Dec 2019 06:18:52 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/changed-loans-characteristics-strengths-and-weaknesses/ But what are their characteristics? To try to deal with this awareness of our in- depth analysis on loans with promissory notes , let’s start with a small step backwards and take care to understand what bills are.

What is the promissory note

promissory note

The promissory note, one of the main protagonists of the promised loan, is a credit with which the parties undertake or undertake mutual services. In other words, through the promissory note we promise or order the payment of a certain amount indicated in the credit, on a future date, and in a predetermined place. It is therefore a means of credit which is used to postpone the monetary supply, and which can be issued to postpone the settlement of a service provision (for example, the sale of a product), or the extinction of a financial debt (as happens precisely in the case of exchanged loans).

In more concrete terms, on the basis of the bill of exchange, it is possible to distinguish two different types of bills:

  • the section , which is a credit to the order in which a subject (tractor) orders a second party (drawee) to pay a certain sum to a specific third party (borrower or beneficiary, possibly coinciding with the tractor);
  • the promissory note, which is a credit to the order in which a subject (issuer) promises the payment of an amount of money to a second person (borrower or beneficiary).

We also remind you that in order to be “in order” with the enforceability, a stamp duty must be applied to the bill of exchange which will allow the expropriation / executive procedure to be advanced directly, in order to obtain payment of the amount indicated in the bill of exchange.

How the changeable loans work

How the changeable loans work

Having introduced the above, it is easier to understand the characteristics of the loans changed. With the disbursement of a loan changed, in fact, the bank or the financial company will grant an amount of money, making the debtor sign a series of bills (as mentioned, mainly on a monthly basis), with the payment of which we will proceed to the gradual extinction the repayment schedule, and related debt.

Therefore, the operation involves:

  1. Request for financing by the debtor , with contextual delivery of the necessary documentation to be able to proceed with the investigation by the lending institution (pay slips, tax return, ongoing documentation of identity, eventual proof of expenditure, and so on).
  2. Analysis of creditworthiness preliminary investigation by the credit institution , and consequent positive resolution and communication to the future debtor in case of acceptance of the request.
  3. Signing of the commitment to pay bills of exchange , and preparation of debt securities with stamp duty, in the measures provided for by current law.
  4. Disbursement of the requested capital , by crediting the debtor’s current account or by money order / bank transfer.
  5. Repayment of the debt , respecting the amortization plan characterized by the payment of the bills of exchange, generally every month.

What are personal loans as collateral

personal loans as collateral

Loans promoted must not be confused with personal loans as collateral, which are personal loans, the main guarantee of which will be represented by the preparation of a series of bills of exchange which will only serve as a fixed-term disinvestment effect.

In other words, personal loans with a foreign exchange guarantee are personal loans in all respects, to which an effect is provided – by way of ancillary guarantee – which allows a faster recovery of the debt in the event of insolvency by the of the subject who should have punctually fulfilled his obligation.

What are the advantages of changed loans

What are the advantages of changed loans

There are numerous advantages that can be placed in loans exchanged by those who resort to this form of debt, even if partially disused compared to other forms of financing. Among the main ones, we can certainly remember the fact that the exchanged loans, for the guarantee they present, can also be granted to subjects who have had previous problems in terms of respecting the amortization plans of other past loans (however, it remains very difficult that a changed loan can be disbursed to protested parties).

Furthermore, it can be remembered that the loans changed are generally less onerous loans than other forms of credit (such as the transfer of the fifth), with the lending institutions that are usually more likely to grant rate discounts by virtue of the greater guarantee of repayment in case of default.

Furthermore, finalized loans can offer numerous advantages in terms of modification of the repayment program: it is in fact possible to enjoy greater flexibility in payments, with the possibility of renewing bills in the event of sudden and temporary difficulties in returning the capital, and so on.

What are the disadvantages of changed loans

What are the disadvantages of changed loans

Having said that, it is also true that the exchanged loans are not without negative points, although certainly not such as jeopardize access to this form of financing.

First of all, it is necessary to remember the presence of the “inconvenience” linked to the existence of the promissory note, a credit security that must be paid in pre-established places and times (generally, in a bank chosen by the lending credit institution). Secondly, the fact that by not paying the bill of exchange, there is a risk of going to executive action quickly, with consequent rather significant prejudices, even in the short term.

Thirdly, it should be remembered that the changed loans are rather complex loans to be requested and formalized (compared, at least, to other forms of personal loan), and that although they have less expensive conditions than other forms financing, are certainly not among the most convenient forms of technical loan in the credit world.

Finally, in addition to the above, we also remind you that the changed loans are not available in all banks and all financial institutions, and that therefore it may be difficult to try to identify the financing institution of greater proximity and reference.

How do you calculate your creditworthiness? http://contropiani2000.org/how-do-you-calculate-your-creditworthiness/ Fri, 20 Dec 2019 07:10:33 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/how-do-you-calculate-your-creditworthiness/ Creditworthiness refers to the maximum amount of credit that the bank can give us. In addition to our income, it is influenced by, among others form of employment, credit history, and other liabilities

Creditworthiness – definition

Creditworthiness - definition

Creditworthiness is a bank’s assessment of the financial credibility of a customer who is applying for a loan. Bank employees analyze whether the potential borrower will be able to pay the installments regularly. The higher the creditworthiness, the higher the loan (and on better terms) can be granted by the bank.

Creditworthiness is related to our earnings and expenses, it is the amount that after deducting the cost of living and other obligations we will be able to freely dispose of. Banks calculate the amount of free customer funds. In the case of credit, their amount must be sufficient to cover the monthly installment.

The necessity of the bank’s assessment of creditworthiness on the basis of documents provided by the applicant results from the Banking Law. However, the regulation does not specify how to calculate creditworthiness. How a particular bank approaches this issue depends on its internal financial policy.

What can the bank ask about?

What can the bank ask about?

Anyone with full legal capacity has the right to check their creditworthiness. We can do this by sending an inquiry to BIK, ie the Credit Information Bureau. However, it should be remembered that each report generated from BIK is an additional cost. In addition, each inquiry reduces our credit standing, so do not overdo it with their quantity.

When examining creditworthiness, the Bank will ask about:

  • the amount of income received,
  • owned assets,
  • own contribution,
  • loan currency (if we apply for a loan in a foreign currency, we must have a much higher creditworthiness than when we apply for a loan in dollars),
  • loan period (the longer it is, the better chance we have to get a loan),
  • form of employment (an employment contract concluded for an indefinite period is best assessed),
  • Duration of the agreement,
  • other financial liabilities,
  • monthly living costs (eg rent, bills, utilities, fuel, food etc.),
  • the number of persons in the household of the borrower.

Estimating our creditworthiness, the bank will deduct all charges from the amount of income it receives.

How to check your credit standing?

credit standing?

If you want to check your credit standing, we can use the calculators available on the web. However, we should remember that each loan application is considered individually. A creditworthiness calculator is a helpful tool, but it does not replace the analysis of creditworthiness by financial institutions. Therefore, the information received as a result of using the calculator cannot be treated as the real value of our creditworthiness.

When assessing creditworthiness, banks also examine the client’s payment discipline, ie whether he repaid earlier loans and credits in a timely manner. Both liabilities incurred in banks and in private loan companies are taken into account.

The human factor, ie the borrower’s age, gender, marital status and place of residence is also important. Equally important are education, continuity of employment and residence, and professional profile.

Each bank uses its own algorithm to calculate creditworthiness. In practice, this means that our creditworthiness may be different in different banks. Therefore, the easiest way to check your creditworthiness is to contact the bank where you would like to take a loan.

Creditworthiness also depends on which loan and with what installments we plan to apply. It is assessed separately for each type of loan. For example, it may turn out that we can only afford a given loan if we decide on equal installments.

If we apply for a mortgage, the form of security will also be important, in addition to the factors already mentioned. We mean a property that we already own or are planning to buy. Of course, the more it is worth, the more reliable customers we are to the bank.

In some banks (it all depends on the policy of the financial institution), credit can also be granted to persons working under a mandate contract or a specific task contract. They are accepted by the bank, provided that we receive income from them for at least a year. Such a contract must be concluded for a period of at least 3 months on the day of submitting the application.

How to improve your credit standing?

How to improve your credit standing?

There are several ways to increase creditworthiness: we can apply for a loan with a spouse or other close person, pay off our obligations and negotiate existing employment conditions and the amount of remuneration.

Another way to increase creditworthiness is to spread the liability over a longer period (this will translate into lower monthly installments, and thus – higher creditworthiness). If we have other debts on our account, we can apply for their consolidation or for extension of the repayment date. Our credit standing will also increase if we give up credit cards and a revolving limit on the account.

If you are planning to apply for a loan, do not agree to be someone else’s resident. A loan or credit guarantee also reduces your credit standing. The loan that we have guaranteed to someone affects our ability just like a loan that we would take on our own.

We should remember that when analyzing our creditworthiness, the bank will take into account not only the amount of fixed income but also bonuses and bonuses. If we receive such information, do not forget to indicate it in the income statement. In addition, apart from the documents that we will provide (their list we will receive from the bank), the financial institution will also verify us in the debtors’ databases. That is why building a good credit history is so important. Information that earlier and regularly repaid our loans will increase our chances of receiving another commitment.


credit loans

Creditworthiness depends on many factors. It is influenced by our income, form of employment, living costs, current and past indebtedness, etc. To improve credit standing, we can apply for a loan with another family member, give up a credit card and build a positive credit history.

Creditworthiness is not a fixed value and each bank uses its own calculation methods. The estimation of creditworthiness consists in deducting our liabilities from the amount of income. The bank must be sure that we can afford to pay the loan on time.

Credit advisor – how much does it cost and how should the cooperation go? http://contropiani2000.org/credit-advisor-how-much-does-it-cost-and-how-should-the-cooperation-go/ Sat, 16 Nov 2019 07:03:20 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/credit-advisor-how-much-does-it-cost-and-how-should-the-cooperation-go/ The process of applying for a mortgage, business loan or cash loan can often take months. Its length is affected by many obstacles that result from the applicants’ ignorance.

Therefore, the advice of a specialist in credit matters will help in learning and skillful solving of credit complexities. How to meet a good credit advisor and what to watch out for? We discover the secrets of this mysterious profession!

Who is a credit counselor?

credit counselor

There is a conviction among many people that a credit counselor is a person who preys on the naivety of clients and, by the way, makes good money. Probably, many people are convinced that anyone can become one – even a person not necessarily familiar with the subject.

This is not entirely true, because a professional credit advisor will help you choose the best loan, and will take all the paperwork on your shoulders. From completing the loan application to concluding the contract. He will also advise you on the selection of an appropriate insurance policy, deposit or pension fund. Often, he prepares individual financial plans at the request of future borrowers.

The order in naming the concept was introduced by the Act on Mortgage Loan and Supervision of Mortgage Brokers and Agents of 23/03/2017. Under it, an independent adviser may be a person who:

  • Has a permit from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to conduct business
  • Pays membership fee and third party insurance
  • He appears in the register of advisers and constantly develops his skills through additional training

So, according to the law – every credit advisor is also a credit intermediary (but not every intermediary is a credit advisor!). However, for this to happen it is necessary to pass through the state exam, from which only graduates of economics and law are exempt.

Who can use the services of a credit advisor?

Who can use the services of a credit advisor?

There are no age limits or other external factors that would prevent you from taking specialist advice. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a student, pensioner, pensioner, entrepreneur, foreigner or a person who has income in a foreign currency, you have the right to go to a credit advisor!

How much does this service cost? Needing only a single consultation, which is to dispel some doubts in the record of a loan or credit agreement, you can count on free consultations in many companies. Some of them even offer online consultants who provide expert information on special chatbots.

As for salary, in most cases – the rule is quite simple. When you use the services of an advisor, you do not pay directly in cash. After the transaction is completed, the bank shares part of the commission included in the loan agreement with it. So even if you don’t use his help – unfortunately, you won’t save! For example, for brokering loans for 300,000 dollars, the advisor will earn approx. 2-3 thousand dollars

Independent as .., a credit advisor!

credit advisor

Very often the term credit advisor is used as a replacement for a credit expert. However, these are two different forms. A credit expert is usually employed in a credit brokerage company that cooperates with banks. Therefore, he also does not charge fees to his clients, because for each successfully carried out loan, he receives in the form of remuneration, a commission from the bank.

In the case of a credit advisor, the situation is different. They are independent and are not affiliated with banks in any way. Therefore, they receive remuneration for each piece of advice given.

How will a credit counselor help you?

How will a credit counselor help you?

Let’s start with the fact that a credit advisor certainly has more experience than a “fresh” borrower. This translates directly not only to saving time but also money. P will help you choose the best offer on the market at the moment – tailored not only to your needs but also financial possibilities. By asking for advice, he will also explain the unclear provisions in the loan agreement, take care of the formalities after obtaining the loan, and guarantee communication fluency between the bank and the applicant.

Also, remember that the profession of a credit advisor requires knowing the market “inside out” and is up to date with all news. A specialist in his profession, he constantly monitors the financial market, follows changes in legal regulations, but above all “refreshes” his own knowledge about the current offers of lenders!

How do you not cut yourself into a dishonest advisor?

credit advisor

The profession of a credit advisor seems to be seemingly mysterious and quite specific – in connection with which, with his activities, there may be a lot of ambiguities and understatements. Here’s what you should look out for when working with a consultant!

  • Before entering into cooperation, check the person who claims to be a credit counselor
  • Be careful when you start a conversation with a beginner specialist whose primary occupation is another job
  • Be vigilant when you get to sign documents that you were unable to familiarize with at the first interview
  • Take a look at how your sensitive data and documents are stored
  • If you do not feel trust in a specialist – give up and be calm about your finances!
  • Check the range of skills an adviser can offer and whether he is familiar with the offers of many financial companies
  • Be careful when an expert pushes and urges you to definitely make a specific offer
  • Check whether the adviser can answer your questions competently and does not avoid giving uncomfortable answers

Why use his help?

credit loan

Each of us is different – we have different needs and expectations, as well as financial predispositions, which without logical thinking and skills can result in a refusal to make a credit decision.

Therefore, the more it is worth relying on the help of more experienced people. This is particularly important if you intend to incur a multi-year commitment for a large amount or consolidate existing loans.

Revolving card or loan? Here are all the differences http://contropiani2000.org/revolving-card-or-loan-here-are-all-the-differences/ Thu, 07 Nov 2019 07:05:58 +0000 http://www.contropiani2000.org/uncategorized/revolving-card-or-loan-here-are-all-the-differences/ The revolving card and the loan have two points in common: the granting of credit and the monthly repayment in installments. Although they have these two points in common, the rest differs, especially in terms of costs and amounts that can be claimed. Let’s see together what the revolving card and the loan are and which is the most convenient.


What is the revolving card

What is the revolving card

The revolving card is a particular credit card that allows you to have a certain amount of money available, agreed with the credit institution, for making purchases and payments. This amount is not charged in a single solution such as a credit card but is paid in installments monthly and with interest added. Every month, after repaying the installment, the available credit is restored and can be used again.

The revolving card, just like a loan, therefore allows the monthly repayment but has some disadvantages. In fact, the costs are higher than those to be incurred for a loan. Interest rates and charges are higher, even 20% higher than those to be sustained for a loan. Furthermore, if the payment of the installment is delayed, there is the risk of being reported to the credit information systems such as Crif and the Cream Bank. As a result, there will be difficulties in obtaining loans or other financial solutions.

What are the best loans for protesters and bad payers?


What is a loan

What is a loan

The loan is the transfer of a sum of money, by a credit institution, repaid through monthly installments and with a usually fixed interest rate. Part of this type of financing, called consumer credit:

  • The personal loan
  • The assignment of the fifth of the pension
  • The assignment of the fifth of the salary
  • The loan with delegation
  • Debt consolidation
  • The loan finalized

Unlike the revolving card, financing allows for much higher amounts, lower and constant interest rates and costs. In addition, the transfer of the fifth can also be requested by protesters and bad payers.

How to understand which are the cheapest loans? With our advice!

Through a loan it is therefore possible to face small and large expenses simply by requesting the amount that is needed.


Is the loan or revolving card cheaper?

revolving loan

Although loan and revolving paper have some points in common, there is a substantial difference in cost between the two. In fact, the revolving card has higher interest rates and investigation costs, installment collection, commissions and insurance higher than those to be incurred for a loan. In addition, the amounts obtainable are limited and, if the revolving card exceeds six months, the costs increase further. A final aspect not to be underestimated is the risk of loss, theft or cloning of the card.

How to defend yourself from credit fraud?